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Nov 24, 2021

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In this new episode of "Conversations with Shanni," Boomer Dad and Millennial daughter weigh in on corny Thanksgiving, the value of drama, the light of Hanukkah, fake integrity, and why they don't see Curb the same way. 
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Nov 17, 2021

In the second episode of "Conversations with Shanni," we explore why certain shows get so much buzz, and dive into the wild, new world of Crypto currency and NFT's.

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Nov 10, 2021

A Boomer and a Millennial go at it-- and sparks fly.

In the kickoff episode of Season 4 of the David Suissa Podcast, titled "Conversations with Shanni," David and his twentysomething daughter wonder why the world seems to be going out of control, and whether sweat pants are the biggest threat to the Jewish...